The Straw Market Nassau Bahamas
Straw Market Nassau Bahamas

What is regarded as the birth of straw vending in the Bahamas as an industry began following the death of the sponge industry in the 1940's. Searching for another means of income, Bahamian women started plaiting and decorating dried palm and sisal plant leaves to create items such as baskets, bags and dolls. Soon large numbers of women were making straw souvenirs that were sought after by visitors.

After World War II, many Americans began vacationing in the Bahamas and straw craft souvenirs grew in popularity. Straw vending is considered one of the country's oldest industry with organized markets in Nassau, Cable Beach, Paradise Island and a number of The Family Islands. Stroll down to the famous native Straw Market where you can find bustling activity with vendors who are willing to bargain with buyers.

Open 9 am - 5 pm Downtown Bay Street

Call (242) 363 3000 on Cloister Road Paradise Island.